Let it happen - recording, mixing and mastering for professional music production!

The Doubletrack - the Hamburg branch of Berlin Tricone Studios - is a hybrid recording and mixing studio that has specialized in flexible audio services for artists, musicians and bands.

Most musicians and artists pursue a common goal in the recording studio: with the given supplies at their disposal they want to accomplish the optimal results. And this is what we make possible. Here at our location in the solitude of the Lüneburger Heide. In our big studio rooms in the legendary Berlin Funkhaus. Or, when this is what is needed, in your own rooms or rehearsal spaces. With our know-how we also bring our mobile recording rig that can include a big analog console.

For whatever solution you decide upon we will work very hard to let your musical vision become a reality. Always pragmatic, but as uncompromising as possible. To bring your sound to a professional level.

To produce a great album or a successful single in todays times is not easy to do. A decisive factor in succeding is the continuous quality during all steps of the production. To be able to use an outstanding recording room (at least for the creation of the backing tracks) is an invaluable advantage in this endevaour. The fundament of the music is created here on which everything else is build on top and in which all musical details are integrated and mixed seamlessly.

Wir sind fünf Engineers im Verbund der Tricone Studios - allesamt selbst Musiker. Und insofern verstehen wir genau, dass vielleicht noch wichtiger als Raum und Technik der Song und die Performance sind.


Deshalb unterstützen wir Euch auf jede erdenkliche Art nicht nur in technischen Fragen, sondern auch im musikalischen Bereich, beim Songwriting, Arrangement oder den Lyrics. Wir helfen Euch, den richtigen Groove zu finden und suchen für Euch bei Bedarf die passenden Session-Musiker. Gemeinsam mit unserem Partner 'Music Nanny' helfen wir Euch bei der professionellen Veröffentlichung Eurer Musik und rund um Themen wie GEMA und GVL. Damit Ihr Euch ganz auf die Performance fokussieren könnt. Darauf, worauf es ankommt.




The engineers at the Doubletrack are musicians themselves and do understand, that the song and the performance often are the decisive factors for an outstanding result. Therefore we support our artists in every possible way - not only with technical solutions but also with overcoming musical challenges in songwriting, arrangement, lyrics or with the groove. If needed we help to find the right sessions musicians and support you with our partners (Music Nanny) to get your music published in the right way. We do all this so you can focus concentrate on the performance - on the only thing that really matters.



Edles Equipment für eine kompromisslose Performance.